Wednesday, 1 November 2017

November living space layering

So here we go, full on cosy comfort month although it actually still feels quite warm outside and I'm not as yet getting the hats and scarves out or really lighting a fire in the woodburner. There was a light frost the other morning, enough to have me excited about photographing crystallised flowers and crisp tufts of grass but I blinked and the sun appeared and it was gone. I want cold.

In preparation though, as I know it will soon descend as soon as Little Bird is back in school, I will be embarking on a full on home redecorate and restyle for it's all gone a bit bland, I've tamed down my arty urges and shudder at this, gone a bit woody and beige. So expect to see some new room styling on here and lots of decluttering only to be replaced by new clutter and lots of fresh paint.

The front room need a total start over project, it's the room that greets guests and has a lot of playing going on from my son, everything is starting to look shabby and in need of some love. I've been considering a new sofa and have had a look at the range from Fishpools, particularly a corner sofa to make the best use of the space and divide the room into walk through and place of cosy retreat, especially through the winter.
corner sofa

Around they key item of a sofa, it's the dressing and layering that I love. New cushions and throws, rugs for keeping toes warm, mirrors to add light and new dimension and different types of warm glow from table and floor lamps. I love deep colours such as the blue rug and throw and the stag mirror adds that autumn and winter feel. The snow globe cushion adds some whimsy, it's just too cute to resist. The overall colour scheme are probably darker and deeper than my normal choice but I'm just really fancying change, a new space to fulfil all the November days. I'll be reusing my wonderful circus star lamp, one of my favourite items in my house for it adds just the right amount of light for a relaxing evening.

November home style

Blue rug, iRugs
Snow globe cushion, Asda
Blue blanket, H&M
Table lamp, Ikea
Blackberry window box, Next
Antler Mirror, M&S
Blue hanging heart, Dunelm
Jar Candle, Matalan
Star light, my own

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