Thursday, 1 June 2017

Family changes

Family life is fluid, we all change and grow. As we raise our children, our ideas change and life events change the direction of the family. I'm very grateful to have a family, although not big or exciting, it's a little unit that I'm nurturing and my son (Little Bird) is my best friend. 

This year sees him start school, later than most as he's 7 so this will be a big change for all. Now it's June it feels a little like it will be our last summer of freedom before having to go along with the routine and holidays of the school which is a little sad but I'm hoping that school will bring great things and it will be an exciting adventure for him. Whilst he is at school I will be able to focus a little more on my post grad studies and look at what happens next for me. It's easy to lose sight of yourself when you have children and this in itself is a change that can cause friction and issues within the family. I was interested to see in an infographic (see below) from Slater Gordon just how many marriages end in divorce, 42%! A good Family Law solicitor is an important contact to have for modern life. 

Me and my son

Family is important to me and it's great how diverse the family unit is, LB has two half brothers and they get along fine and we have bits and bobs of help from the rest of the family. LB's aunty now lives around the corner and his grandparents are not too far away which is a blessing for when life gets tricky. 

The #FamilyMadeSimple infographic surprised in with the fact that 1 in 30 grandparents provide full time care for their grandchildren. I certainly see many a gran or grandad walking past my house pushing a buggy in the daytime. 

So we shall see come September just how much life changes, after 7 years I could go back to work, having opted to stay at home full time and home educate LB. Both of us stepping into new territory and I'm sure we will encounter new issues to work through along the way. I'm expecting that I will spend a lot of time helping LB adjust and settle into school, he can get quite emotional so there will be many tears and uncertainty - and the same goes for me. But that's what family is all about, you go with the flow and support each other and communicate, life always changes but it's good to have each other.

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