Monday, 25 April 2011

My Allotment Plot

Last August I made my annual call to the local council to check on the status of my now 8 year wait for an allotment plot. I was told that the list had been handed over to the allotment society. After a few more conversations it transpires that for years my name has had 'OUT OF AREA' attached to it and I've been bypassed whenever a plot has become free. In my town the allotments are given to those people who live within the old town boundary (hundreds of years old) first which makes no sense anymore as the town has clearly expanded. Furthermore, I actually was within the town boundary and should have been offered a plot years ago! Days later I got my plot..... not ideal timing as I had a cranky colicky 9 month old baby in tow.

This is what we got. A heap of weeds such as Fat Hen, Shaggy Soldier & Couch grass;


a Crown Prince pumpkin - found after some clearing and duly eaten in honour of previous tennant

Crown Prince

two rhubarb crowns, Chives, Oregano and Sage (see baby having a very rare quiet moment).


I won't bore you at once with where we are up to today and I'm giving myself chance to get to grips with blogging again whilst having a now 16 month toddler zipping around the house.


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